What main ingredients does this product contain?

The Genez dietary supplement is composed of a variety of herbal and natural extracts. Three key extracts are Thai Oregano, which contains phenolics and flavonoids for respiratory health; Centella Asiatica, known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties; and Tiger Milk Mushroom, rich in beta-glucan and polysaccharides for immune support.

Additional ingredients include turmeric for immune enhancement, Maitake mushroom for blood sugar and blood pressure balance, and several others like blackberry, seabuckthorn, green tea, blueberry, peppermint, black ginger, and grape seed extracts for their respective health benefits.”

Which agencies are certified?

The Genez Respur Care product is meticulously produced at every stage, from the cultivation of clean, toxin-free Thai Oregano to the careful extraction of active ingredients, ensuring high efficacy.

The production process utilizes modern technology from HACCP-certified facilities and is UICC and FDA approved. Supported by research from the Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Science at Kasetsart University, customers can trust in the cleanliness, safety, and absence of harmful chemicals, guaranteeing the highest safety and effectiveness for lung health.

Genez products are different from lung care products on the market. How?

Genez Respur Care distinguishes itself in the market with three primary herbal extracts: Thai Oregano, Centella Asiatica, and Tiger Milk Mushroom. Lab tests show it has antioxidant capabilities equivalent to L-Ascorbic Acid, reduces inflammation by up to 65%, does not kill lung cells, and is non-toxic. Over 90% of users report reduced coughing, less fatigue, improved sleep and breathing, decreased allergic reactions, and less phlegm.

Are there studies or research supporting the use of this product?

Genez Respur Care has been researched and developed by experts in biochemistry and molecular analysis, incorporating high technology in enzyme and biological activity research. It has undergone laboratory studies for product formulation, utilizing advanced biomarker technology for precise active ingredient analysis. Efficacy tests included ORAC, ROS, NO, and a 2D lung inflammatory model, while safety was confirmed with cytotoxicity testing.

What side effects does this product have?

Genez Respur Care is a dietary supplement made from natural herbal extracts that are generally safe for consumption. Laboratory cytotoxicity tests show no toxicity in cells, indicating safety and no side effects. However, those with pre-existing conditions or on medication should consult a doctor before use. The product is certified by the Thai FDA, registration number 13-1-11163-5-0294.

What is the recommended daily intake and dosage?

The recommended dosage for Genez Respur Care is one capsule per day, taken before bedtime. For optimal effectiveness, continuous consumption is advised.

Which group is this product suitable for?

Genez Respur Care is suitable for individuals who smoke or use e-cigarettes, are exposed to pollutants like PM2.5, encounter toxic fumes from burning, vehicle exhaust, incense, chemicals regularly, work in construction, have had long COVID, or wish to boost their immune system.

Can people with chronic diseases or taking other medications take this product?

Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions or those currently taking other medications should consult with a physician before taking this product.

Which country is this product produced and imported from?

Genez Respur Care dietary supplement is innovatively developed and produced by skilled researchers and leading manufacturers, adhering to international standards in Thailand.

``Are there any reviews or recommendations from people who have used this product?

“Genez Respur Care as a product that rejuvenates the lungs, facilitates easier breathing, and reduces allergic reactions.

What is the expiration date on this product?

The expiration date of the Genez product can be found on the back of the packaging.

How should I store this product?

The Genez product should be stored in a dry and cool place, away from direct sunlight.

Is there more information about the production or production process?

Genez Respur Care dietary supplement is produced with a focus on quality, from ingredient selection to manufacturing processes. The product is made in leading factories that adhere to global manufacturing standards including GHP, HACCP, HALAL, and ISO9001.


The Genez Respur Care dietary supplement is certified for its quality efficiency system under HACCP, ensuring reliable production standards for dietary supplements by the UICC.

If there is a problem with the product Where can I contact customer service?

“For any issues related to the product, customers can contact Genez’s customer service through the following channels:

  • Website: genezthailand.com
  • Facebook : Genezthailand
Is there environmental support in the production process?


Is this product tested on animals?


Is it certified Halal, Organic, or Vegan?

The Genez Respur Care dietary supplement is certified Halal.

Is this product safe for children and the elderly?

For children under 15 years old and individuals with pre-existing conditions, it is recommended to consult a doctor before taking Genez Respur Care.

Are there any chemicals or contaminants that could cause harm?

The Genez Respur Care dietary supplement is made from herbal extracts and natural ingredients. Research has verified its efficacy and safety, ensuring it’s free from harmful chemicals or contaminants.

Is this product suitable for people with allergies?

Genez Respur Care is suitable for people with allergies. Its formulation aims to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and improve respiratory health. It includes key extracts like Thai Oregano for respiratory relief, Centella Asiatica for anti-inflammatory benefits, and Tiger Milk Mushroom to stimulate immunity and alleviate allergies.

If there is a problem with the product Is there a warranty or return policy?

If you encounter any quality issues with Genez products, such as damaged or unusable items, you can take a photo and contact the store for a product exchange through the following channels:

  • Website: genezthailand.com
  • Facebook : Genezthailand
Does this product have an effect on the environment? And is there support for environmental protection?

Genez Super Care dietary supplement products use advanced technology in the extraction process of key ingredients and do not have an impact on the environment. There is no specific information provided regarding environmental support in the document.

Does this product have any restrictions or warnings for use?


  • ❌ Not recommended for children and pregnant women.
  • ❌ Avoid use in individuals with kidney stones.
  • ❌ This product does not prevent or treat diseases.